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A leader in accessibility and mobility for the town of Richmond Hill

We are a not-for-profit foundation, dedicated to making the town of Richmond Hill a more accessible, barrier-free community for persons with physical and mental disabilities.

Blind man walks with a guide cane

Our Mobility Support Services Include:

  • Financial assistance for assistive devices
  • Subsidized gym memberships for persons with disabilities
  • Accessible gym equipment
  • Improving accessibility of local businesses
  • Funding integration staff and accessible programs that run through the town of Richmond Hill
  • Supporting Richmond Hill camps to make them more inclusive for children
  • Assisting Richmond Hill residents with a disability to live a more independent life
Young woman works with a child with a developmental handicap

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide the Richmond Hill Community with resources and leadership that would facilitate accessibility to all its citizens with disabilities. Richmond Hill Mobility’s ultimate goal is to ensure that through its efforts, the Town of Richmond Hill strives to be a barrier-free community.”

Wheelchair basketball player spins a basketball

Our History

The Richmond Hill Mobility Accessibility Foundation (RH Mobility) was formed in 1999, when a group of volunteers decided that Richmond Hill needed an accessible taxi van to help individuals with mobility impairments living within the Town of Richmond Hill.

Through different fundraising adventures, RH Mobility started to raise much-needed funds, and in doing so was able to assist with the purchase of two accessible vans. The foundation then decided to broaden the scope of the mandate by moving beyond just transit services, to achieve their goal of making Richmond Hill a barrier-free community, including by-laws for accessibility parking, subsidized gym memberships for the disabled, our Assistive Devices Program to ease financial pressures, and other community programs.

A service dog sits patiently

Funding Sources

Richmond Hill Mobility Accessibility Foundation (RH Mobility) has two main reliable sources of funding:

  • One source of funding is through the Disabled Parking By-Law Reserve Fund. For more information please refer to our By-laws.
  • The other reliable source of funding is through organized Bingo proceeds.

Through our funding we have started to break down accessibility barriers in and around our community in many ways to improve mobility for persons with disabilities.

RH Mobility


120 Unit 11 Newkirk Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 9S7
Tel: 905-751-9121

Fax: 905-508-4002